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Venetia Lux

There are times in our lives when we don't need words to convey the most intense emotion. These models transform the classic into creative seduction, innovative charm, versatile characters and harmonious colors. The material used in the construction of the furniture is solid wood (beech and linden), combined with chipboard, plywood, P.F.L., covered with aesthetic veneer (walnut). To give beauty, uniqueness and value to the furniture, the ornamental elements are hand-carved by our craftsmen. Chemical and natural dyes, resistant to light and sunlight, are used to even out and color the surfaces. High quality polyurethane and nitrocellulose varnishes are used for finishing.

Brand: Venetia Lux
Being part of a luxury collection, the jewelry box with 6 drawers Venice fully rises to the height of expectations. Thanks to the sculptural elegance of the drawers, the box office stands out immediately, and the viewer falls in love with it like a work of art...
6,106 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
The visual play created by the richness of details, all handmade, is amplified by the craftsmanship with which glass combines with solid wood.A real gem, this sideboard with a display case is made of solid wood, all the ornamental elements being carefully handcrafted to obtain an impeccable piece of..
21,584 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
A piece of furniture that exudes a special beauty, made of solid wood in a royal note.The maximum point of attraction, the display case, has the glass divided in two by a veneer worked so majestically, that the whole piece of furniture acquires a note of uniqueness difficult to match.Certainly the r..
10,251 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
Solid wood bar buffet, made in Rococo style, with handmade ornamental elements, suitable for furniture lovers with personality. The generously sized display case is crowned by a wonderful bead of handmade ornaments, perfectly finished in the smallest detail...
9,248 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
Visually compartmentalized by three handmade columns, this solid wood sideboard can also be seen as a collector's item, its uniqueness being quickly noticed by any knowledgeable eye.Luxurious and at the same time practical, the Venetia Lux solid wood buffet will occupy a place of honor in your livin..
9,940 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
Solid wood bar buffet, made in Rococo style, with handmade ornamental elements, suitable for furniture lovers with personality. The finesse with which the lines are rounded, the aesthetically finished veneers, the luxury revealed by the solid wood, all these recommend the Venetia Lux bar buffet as a..
3,985 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
Noi armonii realizate din lumini atrăgătoare, ce pun în valoare liniile fine, evocând o sinteză prețioasă a calității și artizanatului. * Bibliotecă 2 uși (2400 x 495 x H 2240) - Vezi produs * Masă birou (1790 x 800 x H 740) - Vezi produs * Scaun rotativ (710 x 710 x H 1200) - Vezi produs Pentru..
36,413 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
The handmade veneers make it a unique chair, which can be placed both on the table from the Venetia Lux collection, and as an individual piece of furniture, next to a special sofa. "..
1,395 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
With perfect lines, imprinting the strength and elegance of the solid wood from which it is made, the Venetia Lux chest of drawers proposes a design with Rococo influences.The special quality of the solid wood is excellently highlighted by the exceptional finishes, as well as by the ornamental inser..
5,083 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
Watch case made of solid wood that opens the world of fairy tales of princely luxury and refinement. The most chosen ornamental details are all handmade, with rigor and attention to the smallest and finest finishes, such as the works in beech veneer that give the whole a unique sculptural character...
11,708 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
Solid wood chest of drawers, with hand - carved veneer inserts, which attract admiring looks thanks to the elegant design and the impeccable quality of the finishes.A piece of solid wood furniture that will beautify any room, emanating luxury and power. ..
7,425 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
Corner solid wood sideboard, decorated with handmade elements, with care and care, for an exceptional look.Once placed in the destination room, it will bring a plus of luxury and elegance, while also ensuring the practical function of storage space. ..
4,965 RON
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