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Distinctive aesthetics enhance design and style. Each piece of furniture has a sensitivity that is unique. For this reason Simex uses high quality material, carefully selected wood and handmade. Quality and comfort allow us to focus on one thing: a piece of furniture, an expression of your lives. The material used in the construction of the furniture of this solid wood (beech and linden), combined with chipboard, plywood, P.F.L., covered with aesthetic veneer (walnut). To give beauty, uniqueness and value to the furniture, the ornamental elements are hand-carved by our craftsmen. Chemical and natural dyes, resistant to light and the action of sunlight, are used to even out and color the surfaces. High quality polyurethane and nitrocellulose varnishes are used for finishing.

 Solo small table - Royal
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Brand: Royal
Elegant and supple, the Royal solid wood table is perfect to host some delicacies and some cups of steaming coffee, for a moment of pampering, well deserved at the end of a full day...
3,223 RON 3,503 RON
Brand: Royal
Solid wood window, embellished with handmade ornaments, in Rococo style. This glass window has been designed to have 2 doors, for extra space, thus offering a shade of grandeur to the entire room. All the finishes have been impeccably made, and in order to ensure the durability in time and the remar..
10,118 RON
3 Seater Sofa - Royal
Black Friday -8 %
Brand: Royal
A luxurious and welcoming solid wood sofa, upholstered with fabric in elegant and warm colors, which invites you to enjoy a cup of coffee in the long mornings, or a tea in the relaxing afternoons spent at home...
14,135 RON 15,364 RON
4-door Wardrobe - Royal 4-door Wardrobe - Royal
Black Friday -8 %
Brand: Royal
Elegant and luxurious, made of solid wood, the 4-door Royal wardrobe follows the fine lines of the collection for the Royal bedroom, completing the grand atmosphere of the room. The ornamental sculptures are made by hand by our Transylvanian craftsmen, and the finishes are impeccable...
18,332 RON 19,926 RON
Brand: Royal
This solid wood chair proposes a Ludovic style design, with upholstery with embroidered floral motifs in relief.It will definitely add elegance to any room, but it will also open up the interior a lot thanks to the colors chosen in the upholstery. ..
1,917 RON 2,084 RON
Brand: Royal
Solid wood armchair, with an elegant design that masterfully uses curved lines and handmade ornamental elements. The upholstery proposes a central floral decorative element, while the pillow, the handles and the sides of the backrest use a fabric of miniature Rococo motifs, thus offering a unique vi..
7,506 RON 8,159 RON
Brand: Royal
A bar stool that respects the main lines of the Royal collection will be immediately noticed.Made of solid wood, carefully worked for details, the bar chair from the Royal collection also provides the necessary comfort to enjoy a drink after a long day full of challenges. ..
694 RON 754 RON
Brand: Royal
The Royal bar stool is made of solid wood and carefully crafted in the smallest details by some of our most skilled wood masters.Thanks to the excellent quality, the solid wood bar stool will easily last over the years, as majestic as the day you brought it to your home. ..
1,162 RON 1,263 RON
Brand: Royal
A bar look with a vintage look, suitable for hosting collectible wine bottles, but also the wonderful crystal bottles in which the collectible whiskey is kept so well.This bar table is made of solid wood, adjusted with a fine patina of time, lacquered and finished to the highest standards by our Tra..
7,860 RON 8,543 RON
Brand: Royal
An imposing, practical and luxurious piece of furniture at the same time. The solid wood hanger Venetia Lux satisfies the highest demands through the quality of the finishes, thanks to the beech wood veneers that decorate so beautifully the noble lines of this hanger, as well as through the attentio..
2,284 RON 2,483 RON
Brand: Royal
An elegant solid wood bed, very beautiful and comfortable. The Royal solid wood bed is suitable for guest rooms or hotel rooms with staff. The excellent quality of the solid wood, as well as of the beech wood veneers from which the ornamental details are made by hand, recommend the Royal bed as a pr..
5,969 RON 6,488 RON
Bedroom - Royal
Hot -8 %
Brand: Royal
Transmitting quality over time. Craft is the only means that can faithfully produce values.Dormitorul standard ROYAL este compus din: * Pat dublu 1600 (1860 x 2130 x H 810/1195) - Vezi produs * 2x Noptieră (600 x 420 x H 695) - Vezi produs * Comodă (1135 x 530 x H 960) - Vezi produs * Ramă ogl..
37,891 RON 41,186 RON
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