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Brand: Mona Lisa Lux
This extensible solid wood table attracts all eyes, as do the chosen dishes, served at a dinner with dichis! The solid wood bohemian, the Mona Lisa table, will witness all the beautiful stories told around it. Solid wood always invites harmony and relaxation, but also imposes, sumptuously, grandeur!..
22,517 RON
Brand: Royal
An exceptional quality table that offers on the one hand the resistance of solid wood over time, and on the other hand, the exclusive beauty of the handmade veneers, with care and love by our master craftsmen.The table can be extended, becoming extremely comfortable for a group of 6 people, and is r..
8,192 RON
Brand: Venetia
A large, solid wood table that can accommodate up to 6 people in complete comfort.Remarkable for the way the wood was worked and finished, it brings an important advantage through the salutary architecture: it does not disturb the diners at all, it does not obstruct the space destined for the legs, ..
6,036 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
A real table that gives lightness to diners when it is extended.The attention to detail can be noticed down to the smallest detail, the solid wood being perfect to the touch. Solid and sumptuous, it immediately captures the attention of those around you, like a real star of your living room. ..
10,071 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
Solid wood furniture, being extremely durable, can seem cumbersome, if it is not made with love for wood by skilled hands.Out of our love for wood came this table, after a toil on the size of the excellent presented. The richness of handcrafted details, the perfect style, the unique geometry, the lu..
8,033 RON
Brand: Cleopatra
Made in the Ludovic Quatorze style, this solid wood desk is ideal for your studio room, where it will shine, complete with a library full of books.Comfortable, but luxurious, it invites you to read and study, emanating an extra refinement that warms the atmosphere of the whole room. ..
8,232 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
The Cleopatra Lux office comes in the continuous celebration of the feminine sublime. With curved lines, slender and playful inserts, all handmade, this solid wood desk table brings luxury and enriches feminine beauty like a masterfully crafted piece of jewelry. For you, a gift out of the magical ha..
24,790 RON
Brand: Cristina
This elegant desk table is made of solid wood, approaching an elegant, natural line.A generous desk, with drawers adorned with handmade veneers, is a work of art in itself, which in addition to its ambitious aesthetic role aims to make you feel perfect while working. ..
10,029 RON
Brand: Royal
The prestige of this solid wood desk is required for the first time when someone walks into your room. The firmness of the straight lines and the perfect symmetry give off power and luxury, and the meticulously worked beech wood veneers capture the eye in a complex game of exclusivity that surrounds..
6,811 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
A sumptuous solid wood desk. The environment in which we work makes its mark on the quality of our work. A solid wood desk means increased comfort, work space, safety, tranquility. The luxurious Venice Lux Office, with handcrafted veneer inserts, inspires the daily routine, turning it into the succe..
10,049 RON
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