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Brand: Firenze
A chic mirror of the right size for the beauty mirror in the Firenze range. The mirror is dressed in a solid wood frame made in the luxurious Rococo style, with absolutely gorgeous and unique ornamental elements, all handmade...
2,281 RON
Brand: Cleopatra
A mirror is always a point of attraction of any room. The Cleopatra console mirror with solid wood frame is all the more a key point of your room, as the solid wood frame is enriched with Rococo style ornamental elements, all handmade by our skilled Transylvanian craftsmen...
2,106 RON
Brand: Venetia
Rectangular mirror frame, made of solid wood, with handmade details.The quality of the varnishes and solutions used for wood finishing guarantees a good resistance over time. ..
968 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
Mirror with solid wood frame, large size, suitable for elegantly furnished rooms.The solid wood frame is handcrafted in Rococo style, giving nobility to the whole and astonishing the eye. ..
16,264 RON
Brand: Flora
The Flora oval mirror is dressed in a solid wood frame made in Rococo style, embellished with handmade ornaments...
3,870 RON
Brand: Royal
The unique and luxurious character of this mirror attracts any eye from the first moment. The grace of the solid wood frame is perfect, the wonderful lines continue round and symmetrical, and the sculptures that enrich the solid wood frame are made by hand by the best Transylvanian craftsmen...
3,113 RON
Brand: Venetia
Impressive in size and graceful due to the wonderful solid wood frame, the Venice mirror delights the eye and ennobles the room.The solid wood frame proudly wears meticulously handmade ornaments, managing to be truly unique. ..
2,281 RON
Brand: Yana
The mirror suitable for the Yana buffet, but which is very well suited to be mounted separately, thanks to the solid wood frame embellished with handmade ornaments, which gives it a special elegance and independence...
875 RON
Brand: Firenze
Solid wood mirror frame, specially designed to complete the Florence bedroom collection. The beautifully arched lines give mastery to the mirror, and the details and ornamental sculptures that beautify it are all handmade, with mastery and attention to every detail...
1,661 RON
Brand: Flora
Flora mirror frame, made of solid wood, with elegant ornamental details handmade, for a unique aesthetic experience...
2,503 RON
Brand: Gino
Mirror frame made of solid wood, rectangular, with an asymmetrical cut at the top for added elegance.The solid wood frame is enriched with wonderful handmade ornaments, in a perfect way. ..
1,486 RON
Brand: Mona Lisa Lux
Solid wood mirror frame, which bears the imprint of uniqueness and luxury. Hand-carved, the Mona Lisa solid wood mirror frame transforms the entire room into a true royal of luxury and excellence...
10,328 RON
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