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Living Room

Brand: Mona Lisa Lux
The elegance and refinement of this solid wood sideboard stand out from the first sight.With the masterpieces worked like a loose papyrus, with the front part arching majestically, with every inch of solid wood shining under the best quality lakes, the Mona Lisa Lux buffet raises elegance to the hig..
36,901 RON
Brand: Cleopatra
A legendary name for an impressive solid wood buffet.Adorned with handmade veneers, with a slightly oriental touch, this buffet warms with its presence any atmosphere in the room where it is placed.The perfection with which the details were made, the nobility of the perfectly finished solid wood, th..
14,405 RON
Brand: Cleopatra
So indeed that, a piece of furniture worthy of a royal family. Bohemian, with an eclectic design, the Cleopatra solid wood bar buffet will change your entire living room, in an instant, introducing any guest to a world with kings and queens, with staff and luxury, a world where furniture breathes ro..
4,582 RON
Brand: Cristina
Wonderful sculptures, straight lines playing with surprising roundness, luxurious handles, perfect finishes.This is Cristina's solid wood bar buffet, a masterpiece of our masters. ..
4,288 RON
Brand: Royal
"An indispensable accessory in the salons of high-life everywhere, the solid wood bar buffet proposed by us is in itself a reason to celebrate.The mastery of our craftsmen combines with the vision of an ambitious design to complete this piece of furniture in the only way we know how - perfectionist...
3,961 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
Solid wood bar buffet, made in Rococo style, with handmade ornamental elements, suitable for furniture lovers with personality. The finesse with which the lines are rounded, the aesthetically finished veneers, the luxury revealed by the solid wood, all these recommend the Venetia Lux bar buffet as a..
4,264 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
As if detached from mythologies with gods and fairies, this solid wood buffet continues so naturally with a beautiful showcase that faithfully respects the dream lines and the poetry of the base.A true work of art, the Cleopatra Lux showcase buffet ennobles any room, opening new horizons in the scul..
58,755 RON
Brand: Cleopatra
A solid wood chair designed so that the general lines fit perfectly with the upholstery, thus giving an extra candor and innocence to luxury. The robustness of the solid wood is a little blurred by the unique geometry of the arms, but the huge experience of our craftsmen made it possible for a rare ..
1,907 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
A wonderful solid wood chair, with spectacular, arched lines, which inspires a special force.The upholstery of this solid wood chair is made in vivid colors, with white inserts for optimal contrast, and at the base delights the eye of the wonderful handmade ornament inlaid with a beautiful semipreci..
5,048 RON
Brand: Cristina
A solid wood chair of a special elegance, given by the wonderful combination of the two shades from which the upholstery is made and by the play created by the hand-carved models of the backrest and the polished targets with which the fabric was caught on its solid wood...
1,566 RON
Brand: Mona Lisa Lux
Solid wood chair, upholstered and decorated with luxurious details, handmade.A luxurious, but also comfortable chair, designed for the Mona Lisa Lux collection, according to the spacious living rooms. ..
4,877 RON
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