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Living Room

Brand: Royal
A sumptuous showcase erected on the elegant Royal corner buffet, together making a corner of luxury and perfect art.Everything is made of solid wood, with handcrafted veneers, to rise to the height of the highest demands. ..
9,755 RON
Brand: Venetia
A piece of furniture as beautiful as it is necessary in the economy of organizing the space.The buffet is made of solid wood, all ornamental details are handmade, the geometry is harmonized with the Rococo style, all for extra luxury and qualityThe showcase perfectly continues the lines of the buffe..
8,720 RON
Brand: Royal
A complex piece of furniture, made of solid wood, which crowns any destination room, transforming it into a real grand event hall.Hand-carved columns, veneers meticulously crafted by the most skilled hands, surfaces sparkling in the light thanks to excellent varnishes used, in one expression - the s..
9,718 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
Solid wood bar buffet, made in Rococo style, with handmade ornamental elements, suitable for furniture lovers with personality. The generously sized display case is crowned by a wonderful bead of handmade ornaments, perfectly finished in the smallest detail...
9,895 RON
Brand: Venetia
Designed and worked to serve two different purposes, namely the need for storage space and the need for beauty and luxury, this solid wood sideboard manages to amaze with the quality of finishes and handmade ornamental details.The spaces are delimited by meticulously crafted decorative elements, the..
7,043 RON
Brand: Mona Lisa Lux
A masterpiece made of solid wood, the Mona Lisa Lux buffet is so delicate that it spreads around it the joy of fulfillment through art.This solid wood sideboard will ennoble any room, arouse admiration, but most of all enrich the artistic side of your home. ..
21,285 RON
Brand: Flora
A piece of furniture as beautiful as it is practical.This solid wood sideboard offers a generous storage space, optimally divided into 2 doors and 5 drawers.The straight lines, of a perfect symmetry, are sweetened by the handmade veneer fabric, to give an extra elegance to the solid wood buffet of t..
8,337 RON
Brand: Royal
This solid wood sideboard offers a generous storage space, optimally divided by the 5 drawers in the center and the two side doors. Splendidly crafted, with Rococo style ornaments, all handmade, with skill and care, the Royal solid wood buffet attracts all eyes from the first moment. Luxury and good..
10,074 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
Visually compartmentalized by three handmade columns, this solid wood sideboard can also be seen as a collector's item, its uniqueness being quickly noticed by any knowledgeable eye.Luxurious and at the same time practical, the Venetia Lux solid wood buffet will occupy a place of honor in your livin..
10,635 RON
Brand: Firenze
A piece of furniture of a special elegance, made of solid wood, with veneers and handmade ornaments...
10,332 RON
Brand: Cleopatra
A legendary name for an impressive solid wood buffet.Adorned with handmade veneers, with a slightly oriental touch, this buffet warms with its presence any atmosphere in the room where it is placed.The perfection with which the details were made, the nobility of the perfectly finished solid wood, th..
13,044 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
A sculptural buffet, made of solid wood, designed as a storage space or a pictorial masterpiece meant to ennoble people's rooms and souls...
38,852 RON
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