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Living Room

Brand: Royal
Solid wood window, embellished with handmade ornaments, in Rococo style. This glass window has been designed to have 2 doors, for extra space, thus offering a shade of grandeur to the entire room. All the finishes have been impeccably made, and in order to ensure the durability in time and the remar..
10,118 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
A sculptural buffet, made of solid wood, designed as a storage space or a pictorial masterpiece meant to ennoble people's rooms and souls...
33,024 RON
Brand: Firenze
The play created by the undulations and the nobility of the solid wood and the impeccable clarity of the windows made of the best glass impose the Firenze glass as an elegant body of luxury furniture.Ideal for hosting collections of porcelain and crystal glasses, the solid wood window will attract t..
21,285 RON
Brand: Cristina
Although it could be just a beautiful piece of decor, in Rococo style, Cristina's solid wood buffet is not just about that. Being ingeniously compartmentalized, the solid wood sideboard contributes to the efficient organization of your room...
11,766 RON
Brand: Flora
Impetuous, with large windows, with floral ornamental motifs, handmade, the glass is made of solid wood, and the windows are made of the best quality glass.Perfect for lovers of genuine luxury, the crystal will keep your collection of porcelain and crystals safe, while allowing them to be admired.&n..
15,203 RON
Brand: Cristina
A solid wood chair of a special elegance, given the wonderful combination of the two shades from which the upholstery is made and the play created by the hand-carved models of the backrest and the polished targets with which the fabric was fastened on its solid wood.The arms are also upholstered for..
1,729 RON
Brand: Royal
This solid wood chair proposes a Ludovic style design, with upholstery with embroidered floral motifs in relief.It will definitely add elegance to any room, but it will also open up the interior a lot thanks to the colors chosen in the upholstery. ..
2,084 RON
Brand: Cleopatra
A solid wood chair designed so that the general lines fit perfectly with the upholstery, thus giving an extra candor and innocence to luxury.The robustness of the solid wood is a little blurred by the unique geometry of the arms, but the huge experience of our craftsmen made it possible for such a r..
2,298 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
A truly spectacular solid wood chair.The way the arms and the back are worked are reminiscent of the great art of wood carving, and the vivid colors, with symmetrical white inserts, make this chair a true royal luxury.For added elegance and strength, the chair has a curved line, and the wonderful ce..
5,936 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
An elegant and comfortable chair, made of solid wood, which fits perfectly at the table in the same collection, but can also be seated independently, for a luxury addition to your room.The chair is modern upholstered, imposing by the special work of the solid wood that is completed with the cream up..
1,574 RON
Brand: Royal
A bar stool that respects the main lines of the Royal collection will be immediately noticed.Made of solid wood, carefully worked for details, the bar chair from the Royal collection also provides the necessary comfort to enjoy a drink after a long day full of challenges. ..
754 RON
Brand: Royal
The Royal bar stool is made of solid wood and carefully crafted in the smallest details by some of our most skilled wood masters.Thanks to the excellent quality, the solid wood bar stool will easily last over the years, as majestic as the day you brought it to your home. ..
1,263 RON
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