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Living Room

Brand: Venetia Lux
A wonderful comfortable TV made of solid wood, elegant and imposing.Thanks to the handmade decorative elements reminiscent of the columns of the old Roman Colosseum, this solid wood jewel creates a bridge over time, bringing to your room the magical charm of ancient architectural wonders. ..
5,860 RON
Brand: Cleopatra
A collection that is a lifestyle. Refined details and precious workmanship, for the space in which it is exhibited, are reminiscent of a culture of life, traditionally.PLASMA standard CLEOPATRA este compusă din: * Cristalier 1 ușă stânga (795 x 490 x H 2200) - Vezi produs * Cristalier 1 ușă dreapt..
28,860 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
We specialize in chisel handling, thus creating pieces of furniture with a rich aesthetic in sculpture. The Cleopatra collection is one of the collections in which our sculptors compete in talent and precision.PLASMA standard CLEOPATRA LUX este compusă din: * Cristalier 1 ușă stânga (1050 x 440 x..
88,324 RON
Brand: Cristina
Transmitting quality over time. Craft is the only means that can faithfully produce values.PLASMA standard CRISTINA este compusă din: * Cristalier 1 ușă stânga (795 x 480 x H 2160) - Vezi produs * Cristalier 1 ușă dreapta (795 x 480 x H 2160) - Vezi produs * Bufet- TV Plasmă (1810 x 535 x H 675) ..
24,492 RON
Brand: Firenze
Grija si rabdarea cu care sunt realizate aceste piese de mobilier amintesc de vechiul mestesug al prelucrarii lemnului si de mâinile artizanilor, care însuflețesc arta, redescoperind frumusețea sculpturii, ce devine element caracteristic și îmbracă întreaga locuință. PLASMA standard FIRENZE este co..
28,122 RON
Brand: Cristina
PLASMA standard FLORA este compusă din: * Cristalier 1 ușă stânga (800 x 475 x H 2100) - Vezi produs * Cristalier 1 ușă dreapta (800 x 475 x H 2100) - Vezi produs * Bufet- TV Plasmă (1710 x 490 x H 690) - Vezi produs Pentru a vizualiza toate produsele din această colectie, apasă aici. Prețul ..
19,060 RON
Brand: Regina
Colectia: ReginaGreutate: 350.0000Volume: 4.561..
102,425 RON
Brand: Venetia
Colectia Venetia Greutate 290.0000 Volum 2.803..
18,654 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
New harmonies made of attractive lights, which highlight the fine lines, evoking a precious synthesis of quality and craftsmanship.* Cristalier 1 ușă stânga (860 x 520 x H 2100) - Vezi produs * Cristalier 1 ușă dreapta (860 x 520 x H 2100) - Vezi produs * Bufet - TV Plasmă (1810 x 555 x H 670) - V..
23,832 RON
Brand: Yana
Un nume de legendă pentru un impresionant bufet din lemn masiv. Împodobit cu furniruri lucrate manual, cu o tentă ușor orientală, acest bufet încălzește cu prezența lui orice atmosferă din camera unde este așezat. Perfecțiunea cu care au fost realizate detaliile, noblețea lemnului masiv perfect fini..
13,207 RON
Brand: Cristina
Solid wood TV stand, with handmade decorative veneers following the peculiarities of the Rococo style, combines the useful with the pleasant, being provided with a shelf for placing the receiver, high enough to fit your favorite CDs.The superior quality of the finishes, the majestic elegance of the ..
6,407 RON
Brand: Firenze
Solid wood TV chest of drawers, with 2 doors and space for receiver.Firenze solid wood TV chest of drawers is suitable for both the living room and the bedroom.The design with rounded lines and handmade ornamental elements inspires elegance, and the perfect surface finish delights the eye from the f..
5,248 RON
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