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Living Room

Brand: Cleopatra Lux
Made of solid wood, with mastery, this buffet can be described by many superlatives of luxury.The meticulousness and exceptional creativity of the craftsmen who handcrafted the aesthetic veneers overwhelm the eye from the very beginning.The finesse of the lines and the roundings of the corners, the ..
28,608 RON
Brand: Cristina
A very elegant solid wood buffet, which manages to combine the need for beauty with practical needs. With two doors and two central storage spaces, it is perfect for your Plasma TV. At the same time, the richness of the ornaments and details, all handmade, surprises and delights the eye, bringing an..
7,110 RON
Brand: Flora
A solid wood sideboard, specially designed to accommodate your Plasma TV, with space for a receiver, but also for many others, with two doors and a drawer.The excellent quality of this solid wood sideboard is noticeable from the handmade ornaments, to the smallest details and perfectly finished surf..
6,053 RON
Brand: Firenze
An elegant solid wood sideboard that can perfectly play the supporting role for your Plasma TV.Having curves that refer to the refinement of the shapes of a piano, this buffet manages to be delicate and also robust, being made of good quality solid wood.In addition, the ornamental details are handcr..
7,649 RON
Brand: Regina
This solid wood sideboard is, quite literally, a unique work of art.The decorative elements compete in mastery and expressiveness, the solid wood buffet imposes, but also seduces, everything combines divinely, it is sculptural and pictorial at the same time.Of course, the solid wood buffet bears the..
28,595 RON
Brand: Royal
A superb buffet for Plasma TV location, attracts by the spectacular way in which the door ornaments were made, as well as by the delicate luster of every inch of the perfectly finished surface.This solid wood sideboard has been designed with practicality in mind, providing enough storage space for r..
8,034 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
A solid wood buffet, elegant with the craftsmanship with which the ornaments are made, imposing in size and strength inspired by solid wood.Every line is carefully finished, every inch lacquered with care and responsibility, for an exceptional visual effect. ..
7,619 RON
Brand: Venetia
A solid wood sideboard, enriched with handmade ornamental elements, perfect for Plasma TV.With perfectly finished straight lines, in solid wood and elegant joining elements, of the best quality, the Venice TV buffet completes the luxurious look of your room. ..
5,100 RON
Brand: Yana
Solid wood buffet, elegant and robust, made in neoclassical style. The attention to detail and the quality of the finishes, as well as the harmonious curved lines, offer a delightful visual experience. The solid wood sideboard is perfect for Plasma TV, being robust and large enough to allow the safe..
3,510 RON
Brand: Royal
A table designed and made to last impeccably for decades. The Royal rectangular table, made of solid wood with handmade beech veneers, is one of the most sought after items, due to the grace with which it enriches the destination room...
4,605 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
A luxurious table, in Rococo style, with details that surpass beauty, handcrafted to the smallest detail. The solid wood table Venetia Lux takes you on a journey through time, to the Renaissance wonders...
4,701 RON
Brand: Cristina
Being the piece of furniture around which family members and guests always gather, the table plays an important role, being often in the center of attention. Our masters once again gave the measure of their talent, making this extensible table made of solid wood - an endless celebration in itself. E..
10,731 RON
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