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Living Room

Brand: Mic Mobilier
A piece of furniture of perfect structural elegance.This solid wood hanger bears the imprint of the refinement that our craftsmen have managed, with much effort and care, to obtain through the impeccable finishes and the ornamental details made by hand...
2,136 RON
Brand: Royal
Elegant and supple, the Royal solid wood table is perfect to host some delicacies and some cups of steaming coffee, for a moment of pampering, well deserved at the end of a full day...
3,766 RON
Brand: Contemporan
A wonderful coffee table, which invites intimacy and closeness, comfort and good mood.The round shape, the soft kind of defining lines, the simplicity of the luxury brought by the solid wood adorned with handmade veneers. All this makes this meal an occasion for joy that will be repeated more and mo..
2,398 RON
Brand: Flora
A table of immaculate beauty, Flora proposes a playful and cheerful design, in a special note offered by the color white...
4,609 RON
Brand: Venetia
A wonderful comfortable TV made of solid wood, elegant and imposing.Thanks to the handmade decorative elements reminiscent of the columns of the old Roman Colosseum, this solid wood jewel creates a bridge over time, bringing to your room the magical charm of ancient architectural wonders. ..
4,305 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
Solid wood window, with an imposing height, carefully worked in the smallest details.This glass window made of solid wood gives luxury and grandeur to any room, and the grace with which the lines and edges are perfect offers the eyes a special spectacle.The wonderful beauty details are handcrafted, ..
12,569 RON
Brand: Cleopatra
Respecting the general line of the Cleopatra collection, the solid wood window with 2 doors offers a generous space for displaying the precious crystals and porcelains of the family.Elegance and unique design impose luxury, seducing the eyes from the first moment.The handmade ornaments complete a Ro..
14,190 RON
Brand: Cristina
A wonderful solid wood glass-door, impeccably worked and finished, which brings extra space thanks to the 2-door design. The solid wood glass-door from the Cristina collection stands out from the first moment by the perfect grace with which it was worked, and the handmade ornamental elements fully c..
10,870 RON
Brand: Firenze
The play created by the undulations and the nobility of the solid wood and the impeccable clarity of the windows made of the best glass impose the Firenze glass as an elegant body of luxury furniture. Ideal for hosting collections of porcelain and crystal glasses, the solid wood glass will attract t..
16,065 RON
Brand: Flora
The 2 - door window is made of solid wood. The beauty elements keep sensual lines and roundness, creating an extremely pleasant visual experience.Elegant and perfectly finished, with the best quality glass windows, the two-door glassware from the Flora range will bring an extra charm and candor to y..
10,694 RON
Brand: Venetia
Two-door window, made of solid wood, perfect to enrich the visual experience and the comfort of your home. The robustness of the solid wood, as well as the exceptional quality of the finishes, made with the best varnishes and solutions offer the guarantee of a piece of furniture that will last extre..
10,153 RON
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