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Dining Room

Brand: Cleopatra Lux
Colectia: Cleopatra Lux Greutate: 210.0000 Volum: 3.33..
82,441 RON
Brand: Contemporan
O colecție care este un stil de viață. Detalii rafinate și manopera prețioasă, pentru spațiul în care este expusă, reamintește o cultură a vieții, în mod tradițional. Holul CONTEMPORAN este compus din: * Canapea 3 locuri ( 2030 x 750 x H 840) - Vezi produs * 2x Fotoliu ( 700 x 750 x H 830) - ..
29,158 RON
Brand: Flora
Colectia Flora Greutate 250.0000 Volum 4.25 Selecteaza culoarea Alb..
42,950 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
New harmonies made of attractive lights, which highlight the fine lines, evoking a precious synthesis of quality and craftsmanship.Holul VENEȚIA LUX este compus din: * Canapea 3 locuri ( 2270 x 1000 x H 940) - Vezi produs * 2x Fotoliu ( 1060 x 1000 x H 850) - Vezi produs * Măsuță ( 1000 x 640 x..
47,802 RON
Brand: Firenze
The care and patience with which these pieces of furniture are made are reminiscent of the old craft of woodworking and the hands of artisans, who enliven art, rediscovering the beauty of sculpture, which becomes a characteristic element and covers the entire home. Holul FIRENZE este compus din: *..
38,222 RON
Brand: Royal
Transmitting quality over time. Craft is the only means that can faithfully produce values. Holul ROYAL este compus din: * Canapea 3 locuri ( 2180 x 800 x H 990) - Vezi produs * 2x Fotoliu ( 1020 x 800 x H 990) - Vezi produs * Măsuță ( 1100 x 640 x H 500) - Vezi produs Pentru a vizualiza to..
37,069 RON
Brand: Contemporan
Solid wood table, impeccably finished, which is very suitable for large rooms, furnished bohemian. Contemporary Oval table means, besides the elegance of the lines made by the wood masters, also the guarantee of quality, resisting impeccably over the years...
2,446 RON
Brand: Contemporan
Solid wood table, available in 2 colors, impeccably finished, with a shape that gives it uniqueness and refinement. A furniture accessory to be "worn" by any room, for an extra charm and style...
3,172 RON
Brand: Cristina
Symbol of spoiling, Cristina 's coffee table cannot be missing from the elitist dormitories.With ideal dimensions, this solid wood table is so beautifully crafted that just looking at it is a joy in itself. Let your imagination run wild with the ways in which the wonderful Cristina serving table cou..
3,162 RON
Brand: Royal
Solid wood window with door on the right side, embellished with handmade ornaments, in Rococo style. All the finishes have been impeccably made, and in order to ensure the durability in time and the remarkable quality, the best quality varnishes and wood treatment solutions have been used...
3,162 RON
Brand: Firenze
After hours of work in production, then many more hours for the perfect finishes, the Firenze table can finally be admired. The tradition and quality of the Transylvanian craft of solid wood processing makes its mark on another masterpiece. Durable, elegant, luxurious - it will delight your eyes for..
4,573 RON
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