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Brand: Cleopatra
An elegant mirror frame that will highlight the whole corner of heaven that the ladies have prepared just for them. The solid wood frame is decorated in Rococo style with sculptures and ornamental elements handmade in the luxurious Rococo style...
3,323 RON
Brand: Cristina
A true work of art, this solid wood frame gives a note of ultra-elegance and luxury to the mirror, making any look linger in amazement on it.The drawer box is made of the highest quality solid wood, and the ornamental sculptures are handmade. ..
2,936 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
A special solid wood frame, crafted to remember the luxurious Rococo style. Venetia Lux minibar mirror frame is embellished with elements and ornamental sculptures that are handmade, with care for every detail, no matter how small...
2,259 RON
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