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Brand: Cleopatra
A charming toilet mirror that is highlighted by a handmade solid wood frame, with arched lines and sculptures in the sweet Rococo style. The mirror is divided into three fine frames that bear the imprint of the quality of handwork of our Transylvanian craftsmen...
2,719 RON
Brand: Royal
An imposing, practical and luxurious piece of furniture at the same time. The solid wood hanger Venetia Lux satisfies the highest demands through the quality of the finishes, thanks to the beech wood veneers that decorate so beautifully the noble lines of this hanger, as well as through the attentio..
2,483 RON
Brand: Cleopatra
A mirror is always a point of attraction of any room. The Cleopatra console mirror with solid wood frame is all the more a key point of your room, as the solid wood frame is enriched with Rococo style ornamental elements, all handmade by our skilled Transylvanian craftsmen...
1,959 RON
Brand: Cleopatra
The Cleopatra mirror is distinguished by the grace emanating from the solid wood frame as well as due to its generous size. Carefully crafted down to the smallest detail, the solid wood frame bears the imprint of the Rococo style, of the decorative elements that are sculpted and handmade...
3,917 RON
Brand: Cristina
Imperial mirror, with solid wood frame, decorated with Rococo style sculptures, handmade by our Transylvanian masters. The exceptional quality of the finishes offers an extra elegance, but also a special resistance in time...
4,241 RON
Brand: Royal
The unique and luxurious character of this mirror attracts any eye from the first moment. The grace of the solid wood frame is perfect, the wonderful lines continue round and symmetrical, and the sculptures that enrich the solid wood frame are made by hand by the best Transylvanian craftsmen...
2,896 RON
Brand: Venetia Lux
A special solid wood frame, crafted to remember the luxurious Rococo style. Venetia Lux minibar mirror frame is embellished with elements and ornamental sculptures that are handmade, with care for every detail, no matter how small...
4,065 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
A charming toilet mirror that is highlighted by a handmade solid wood frame, with arched lines and sculptures in the sweet Rococo style...
10,077 RON
Brand: Elips
Solid wood mirror frame, made by our Transylvanian masters with care and attention to the smallest details. The ornamental sculptures are exclusively handmade...
1,508 RON
Brand: Imperiale
A sumptuous mirror frame made of solid wood, abounding in decorative elements specific to the Rococo style. The asymmetry resulting from the congruence of the curved lines with the straight ones astonishes the eye and captivates the attention of the finest connoisseur of works of art. Of incomparabl..
14,944 RON
Brand: Royal
Solid wood frame, of a special quality. The elegance of this solid wood frame attracts the eye through the grace with which the ornamental details are worked, all made with great care, by hand...
1,440 RON
Brand: Carina
A special mirror frame made of solid wood, which also incorporates a drawer of a special elegance. The details and ornamental sculptures are handmade. Exceptional finishes add a unique note to the entire piece of furniture, ensuring the strong visual impact that pleases the eyes...
1,603 RON
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