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Mona Lisa Lux

The material used in the construction of the furniture is solid wood (beech and linden), combined with chipboard, plywood, P.F.L., covered with aesthetic veneer (walnut). To give beauty, uniqueness and value to the furniture, the ornamental elements are hand-carved by our craftsmen. Chemical and natural dyes, resistant to light and sunlight, are used to even out and color the surfaces. High quality polyurethane and nitrocellulose varnishes are used for finishing.

Brand: Mona Lisa Lux
A masterpiece made of solid wood, the Mona Lisa Lux buffet is so delicate that it spreads around it the joy of fulfillment through art.This solid wood sideboard will ennoble any room, arouse admiration, but most of all enrich the artistic side of your home. ..
21,285 RON
Brand: Mona Lisa Lux
The elegance and refinement of this solid wood sideboard stand out from the first sight.With the masterpieces worked like a loose papyrus, with the front part arching majestically, with every inch of solid wood shining under the best quality lakes, the Mona Lisa Lux buffet raises elegance to the hig..
36,901 RON
Brand: Mona Lisa Lux
Solid wood chair, upholstered and decorated with luxurious details, handmade.A luxurious, but also comfortable chair, designed for the Mona Lisa Lux collection, according to the spacious living rooms. ..
4,877 RON
Brand: Mona Lisa Lux
The care and patience with which these pieces of furniture are made are reminiscent of the old craft of woodworking and the hands of artisans, who enliven art, rediscovering the beauty of sculpture, which becomes a characteristic element and covers the entire home. Sufrageria standard MONA LISA L..
125,513 RON
Brand: Mona Lisa Lux
This extensible solid wood table attracts all eyes, as do the chosen dishes, served at a dinner with dichis! The solid wood bohemian, the Mona Lisa table, will witness all the beautiful stories told around it. Solid wood always invites harmony and relaxation, but also imposes, sumptuously, grandeur!..
24,094 RON
Brand: Mona Lisa Lux
Solid wood mirror frame, which bears the imprint of uniqueness and luxury. Hand-carved, the Mona Lisa solid wood mirror frame transforms the entire room into a true royal of luxury and excellence...
9,608 RON
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