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Materialul folosit în construcţia mobilierului este lemnul masiv (fag și tei), combinat cu plăci aglomerate din aşchii de lemn, placaj, P.F.L., acoperite cu furnire estetice (nuc). Pentru a dărui frumusețe, unicitate și valoare mobilierului, elementele ornamentale sunt sculptate manual de către meșterii noștri.
La uniformizarea şi colorarea suprafeţelor se utilizează coloranţi chimici şi naturali, rezistenţi la lumină şi la acţiunea razelor solare. Pentru finisare se folosesc lacuri poliuretanice şi nitrocelulozice de calitate superioară.

Brand: Imperiale
A furniture designed to be practical, worked as a work of art in the purest Rococo style. The 4-door wardrobe is made of solid wood, and in the center is an elegant large mirror, which will light and open the entire bedroom. The impressive quality of the ornamental inserts is due to the fact that th..
85,191 RON
Brand: Imperiale
Solid wood double bed, truly imperial. The solid wood bed is particularly robust, and the greatness it exudes is impressive. Thanks to the richness of Rococo style ornaments, all handmade, this bed will transform your bedroom into the bedroom of another royal...
47,223 RON
Bedroom - Imperial
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Brand: Imperiale
We specialize in chisel handling, thus creating pieces of furniture with a rich aesthetic in sculpture. The Imperial Collection is one of the collections in which our sculptors compete in talent and precision.Dormitorul standard IMPERIALE este compus din: * Pat 1800 (2100 x 2180 x H 800/1750) -..
89,748 RON 224,369 RON
Brand: Imperiale
A small piece of solid wood jewelry, the Imperiale bedside table impresses with the harmony of the shapes that give it a unique grace. In addition, the elements that beautify it attract the eye and delight, the mastery of our craftsmen saying their word once again. Absolutely all the decorative elem..
14,622 RON
Brand: Imperiale
A solid wood jewel, the Imperiale toilet abounds in Rococo-style ornamental elements, emanates luxury and imposes overflowing visual force. All inserts and ornamental details were made by hand by our talented Transylvanian craftsmen...
38,375 RON
Brand: Imperiale
A sumptuous mirror frame made of solid wood, abounding in decorative elements specific to the Rococo style. The asymmetry resulting from the congruence of the curved lines with the straight ones astonishes the eye and captivates the attention of the finest connoisseur of works of art. Of incomparabl..
13,966 RON
Brand: Imperiale
A wonderful stool, with an image of a Renaissance fresco and a special grace. The stool is made of solid wood and upholstered with elegant fabric. The ornamental elements that are added to the quality of the solid wood are all handmade, respecting the luxury brought by the Rococo style...
10,368 RON
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