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Cleopatra Lux

New harmonies made of attractive lights, which highlight the fine lines, evoking a precious synthesis of quality and craftsmanship. The material used in the construction of the furniture is solid wood (beech and linden), combined with chipboard, plywood, P.F.L., covered with aesthetic veneer (walnut). To give beauty, uniqueness and value to the furniture, the ornamental elements are hand-carved by our craftsmen. Chemical and natural dyes, resistant to light and sunlight, are used to even out and color the surfaces. High quality polyurethane and nitrocellulose varnishes are used for finishing.

2-door sideboard with 3 drawers - Cleopatra Lux
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Brand: Cleopatra Lux
A sculptural buffet, made of solid wood, designed as a storage space or a pictorial masterpiece meant to ennoble people's rooms and souls...
30,382 RON 33,024 RON
3 seater Sofa - Cleopatra Lux
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Brand: Cleopatra Lux
A 3-Seater sofa made of solid wood in the luxurious Rococo style. The tapestry is decorated with floral designs and design elements that bring to mind the luxury of ancient Egypt. The sculptures and beauty details are carefully crafted by hand, each one being unique...
25,996 RON 28,256 RON
5-door  Wardrobe - Cleopatra 5-door  Wardrobe - Cleopatra
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Brand: Cleopatra Lux
Made of solid wood in the luxurious Rococo style, the wardrobe has 5 doors and is completed with drawers of a special beauty and elegance. From the beautiful, carefully chosen handles to the exceptional handmade sculptures, this solid wood cabinet delights the eye in so many and so many ways! The ma..
65,640 RON 71,348 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
A truly spectacular solid wood chair.The way the arms and the back are worked are reminiscent of the great art of wood carving, and the vivid colors, with symmetrical white inserts, make this chair a true royal luxury.For added elegance and strength, the chair has a curved line, and the wonderful ce..
5,461 RON 5,936 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
The Rococo-style work of art, the Cleopatra Lux solid wood armchair fits perfectly both in the royal salons and in the lavishly furnished rooms. The design, which uses almost no straight lines, but only curls that are intertwined with a series of handmade sculptures, offers a captivating and uplifti..
17,373 RON 18,884 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
We specialize in chisel handling, thus creating pieces of furniture with a rich aesthetic in sculpture. The Cleopatra collection is one of the collections in which our sculptors compete in talent and precision.Dormitorul standard CLEOPATRA LUX este compus din: * Pat dublu 1800 (2100 x 2180 x H ..
181,775 RON 197,582 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
A true work of art perfectly fitting the Rococo style. Belonging to the luxury class of the Cleopatra collection, the bedside table is made of solid wood and enriched with many unique ornamental elements, all handmade. A solid wood jewel rather than a piece of furniture, with personality and luxury...
14,231 RON 15,469 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
Solid wood bookcase made in the most perfect Rococo style, which gives grandeur to the destination room and impresses the eyes with the richness of ornamental details and enchanting sculptures. All the sculptures and ornamental designs are made by hand, with effort and passion, perfectly worked down..
57,856 RON 62,887 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
A sculptural buffet, made of solid wood, designed as a storage space or a pictorial masterpiece meant to ennoble people's rooms and souls...
35,744 RON 38,852 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
As if detached from mythologies with gods and fairies, this solid wood buffet continues so naturally with a beautiful showcase that faithfully respects the dream lines and the poetry of the base.A true work of art, the Cleopatra Lux showcase buffet ennobles any room, opening new horizons in the scul..
54,055 RON 58,755 RON
Brand: Cleopatra Lux
Suntem specializati in manuirea daltei, faurind astfel piese de mobilier cu o estetica bogata in sculptura. Colectia Cleopatra este una din colectiile in care sculptorii nostri se intrec in talent si precizie. Cabinetul CLEOPATRA LUX este compusă din: * Bibliotecă (2260 x 600 x H 2440) - Vezi ..
87,942 RON 95,589 RON
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